Annuals with great cool-season growth

Cutter tetraploidal ryegrass

Cutter Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

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Cutter is ideal for under sowing, over sowing or winter crop. It is suitable in all weather conditions. It is persistent with excellent winter growth and is dark green in colour. Cutter will last 2-3 years under suitable conditions. It is very palatable to grazing animals.

The extra growth and quality that Cutter ryegrass produces in the winter months enables the stock to have more than enough grass to cope with. The under sowing of an annual gives the pasture its full potential in the winter months and there is no stress of waiting for grass to grow when the stock need grazing in the spring. Up to 22 tonnes approx dry matter per hectare.

Silage option with annual Persian clover (shaftal). Add to a permanent pasture for extra winter growth and oversow following autumn for top results. Recommended 25-30kg per hectare - oversowing 10-15kg. Annual ryegrass is recognised as one of the highest quality cool-season grasses. In a leafy stage, it is high in protein, digestability, and has many vitamins and minerals. The high forage quality and rapid regrowth of annual ryegrass leads to improved livestock production at a lower cost over stored forage.

Because of its quick regrowth, early spring growth and extended grazing in late autumn into early winter, annual ryegrass has greater overall productivity than most other cool-season grasses during its growing period.

Striker Diploid Italian Ryegrass

Striker is a diploid Italian ryegrass, widely used for dairying. It provides winter growth when you need it the most. Striker ryegrass is ideal for sowing alone or into existing pasture. It is a standalone green feed, palatable to grazing stock. It is erect standing and dark green in colour with high forage quality and rapid regrowth. Well proven for its stability. It is extensively used throughout New Zealand, producing up to 20 tonnes dry matter per hectare.

Persian Clover

Annual Persian clover is fast growing, sown in spring or autumn, Pink flower, thick stem, capable of growing waist high. High production, producing a high quality yield. Great cool-season growth. Can be grown with an annual for hay crops. This has been a highly popular, successful annual clover. Trial results - dry matter 25%, digestability 87%, ME 13.5%.

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